What Is Halle Berry’s Kettlebell Workout to Get a Strong Core?

Halle Berry’s kettlebell workout is something you should try to understand if you’re looking to have a strong core like her.

She’s an American actress who continues to push her body at the age of 55 to keep up her fitness and strengthen her muscles for better performance.

Exercises from Halle Berry’s Kettlebell Workout

More often than not, fitness enthusiasts and coaches are using dumbbells, plates, and cables for core workouts. Of course, you start with bodyweight, but the natural progression doesn’t always includes kettlebells.


However, kettlebells are an excellent form of weight to use during resistance training and core training to boost muscle growth and endurance.

On that note, here’re a few exercises from Hale Berry’s kettlebell workout:

1) Kettlebell Side Bending

Hold the kettlebell with one hand, and ensure it’s a weight that doesn’t put significant strain on your forearms and shoulders. Hold the weight in one hand, and bend towards the side you’re holding the weight on.

When you move your body back, ensure to pull yourself from the core muscles of the other side. For example, if you bend towards your left, pull yourself up with the right side oblique.

This exercise focuses on internal and external obliques.

2) Kettlebell Woodchop

Another exercise you can pick from Halle Berry’s kettlebell workout is the woodchop.

To do this exercise, you need to lift the kettlebell across your body above one shoulder; replicate a wood chop motion, and bring the kettlebell all the way across your thighs.

Make sure you’re not using your upper body or arm strength to do this movement. The idea is to use your core muscles and obliques to swing the weight across your body.


Other variations of this exercise include cable wood chops and dumbbell woodchops.

3) Kettlebell Swing

One of the best kettlebell exercises you can do for your core muscles and is a top pick from Halle Berry’s kettlebell workout is the kettlebell swing. It’s one of the exercises that works on your core strength, lower back muscles and lower body.

4) Kettlebell Plank Row

A compound movement from Halle Berry’s kettlebell workout is the plank row. It works on the core and back muscles. You can find this exercise listed as a kettlebell renegade row in certain workout charts.

To do this exercise, you need to have two kettlebells on the floor; hold the handles, and move to a shoulder plank position. While maintaining the position with your right hand, pull the kettlebell in your left hand towards yourself with a single arm row.

Hold the squeeze for a second before lowering the kettlebell and repeating the same with your right hand.


This exercise needs to be done while your core muscles are engaged to ensure you have stability and balance.

5) Kettlebell Russian Twist

Another important pick from Halle Berry’s kettlebell workout is the Russian Twist. To do this exercise, sit on the mat while keeping an inverted ‘V’ shape from your knees with your calves and inner thighs.

Take the kettlebell, and twist your torso towards the left and then to the right. You can do this exercise using plates as well.

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