What Is Mary Helen Bowers Workout Routine That Helps Her Maintain Her Posture as A Ballerina?

Mary Helen Bowers, from Charlotte, North Carolina, studied ballet at the esteemed School of American Ballet in Manhattan before joining the New York City Ballet at the age of 16.

Before earning her degree at Columbia University and starting Ballet Beautiful, Helen Bowers danced for ten years with NYCB at Lincoln Center and on stage all over the world.

Ballet-inspired exercise has become as well-liked as Pilates or Yoga, thanks to the American dance diva. Ballet adds grace and elegance to many facets of your life in addition to aiding with weight loss.

Natalie Portman received her acting instructions from Bowers for ‘Black Swan’. Bowers, who believes a slender, graceful physique is ‘attainable’, says:

“The ballet body is attainable; it’s about having the right approach.”

Mary Helen Bowers’ Workout Routine

Here is the workout plan that has helped Mary Helen Bowers achieve the perfect ballerina body:

Workout 1: Full body power blast

This workout is excellent for those who are pressed for time. It works your arms, glutes, outer thighs and core. The full body power blast works those muscles well as a stand-alone workout or when combined with some of the other exercises in this list.

Workout 2: Inner thigh burn

Fat is essential for preserving life and safeguarding your organs. However, genetics alone determines where you store extra fat.

So, if you notice that your inner thighs are carrying more weight than usual, that’s just how your body works. The inner thigh burn is a fabulous leg exercise, like lunges, squats, etc, that targets the inner thighs. The burn will be felt, as the title says.

Workout 3: Ballerina butt and thigh blast

Butts, hamstrings and outer thighs are the focus of this exercise. It is quick and difficult, and as an added benefit, it works both your arms and core.

Workout 4: Barre Sculpt Attitude Side

This is a fabulous full-body exercise that works almost all your body’s muscles, strengthening your core and slimming your waistline.

Workout 5: Swan Arms 7-min

This traditional ballet step works the arms, shoulders, core and back muscles. Without using weights, it helps build upper body strength and promotes good posture while toning and shaping lean, beautiful arms.

Workout 6: Bridge Blast

Exercises like the Bridge Blast targets the glutes while simultaneously working your hamstrings and lower back.

It’s fundamentally equivalent to a hip thrust but is carried out while laying flat on the ground as opposed to a bench or other raised platform. No matter how accomplished you are, this exercise can be upgraded with tempo, bands, weight. It can even elevate the feet to continue to challenge you and offer that booty burn to shape your body like Helen Bowers’.

Workout 7: Supermodel Outer Thigh

This quick workout for your outer thighs helps tone your legs and get in ballerina form like Helen Bowers.

Workout 8: Ballet Abs

This is a fabulous all-around ab exercise. Your obliques, upper and lower abdominal muscles are the primary focus here.

Workout 9: Prima Series: Cardio Burn

This exercise programme tones your glutes and outer thighs while working every muscle in your body. It works your arms throughout the entire exercise, keeps your core active and raises your heart rate for excellent cardio.

Workout 10: Hip Stretch

With a focus on opening the hips and extending and lengthening your muscles, this full body stretch is very beneficial. The ideal approach is to complete any workout or simply perform it on its own.

Q. Are you willing to try Mary Helen Bowers workout routine?

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