What is the best plane in GTA Online after The Criminal Enterprises update?

GTA Online boasts quite an extensive catalog of vehicles, ranging from off-road vehicles to deadly aircraft. The Criminal Enterprises update has added eight vehicles so far, including the new 4-door NOTAR (no tail rotor) helicopter Buckingham Conada.

However, when it comes to the best aircraft in the game, it is none other than the beloved Hydra. It’s widely considered to be one of the best planes within the community and this is rightly so. This article will share everything to know about the Hydra in GTA Online.

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Everything players should know about the Hydra in GTA Online – Price, performance, and more


The Mammoth Hydra is a military Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) attack jet added to GTA Online with the Heists Update. Its design is heavily inspired by the real-life British Aerospace Harrier II, a well-known British fighter jet. Furthermore, it also has a few features inspired by other real-life aircraft:

  • Vertical fins, horizontal stabilizers, and the nose – F-35 Lightning II
  • Cockpit, especially the integrated control panel – General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • Air Intakes, side holes, and the rotatable exhaust nozzles – AV-8B
  • Interiors – P-996 LAZER
  • Weapon setup – AIM-120 AMRAAM

Compared to its very first appearance in GTA San Andreas, the aircraft is much heavier now and has a triangular-shaped nose. It also features a glass canopy that pivots from its front. The main section of the aircraft features:

  • Large intakes beside the fuselage
  • Four vectoring nozzles
  • Lower hatches for the landing undercarriage
  • Six weapon pylons
  • Long gear struts
  • Two large stabilators

Right below its fuselage and front main landing gear, it is equipped with dual cannons. Furthermore, it also has six radar-guided missiles on both of its wings.


When it comes to performance, the Hydra seems to be powered by a single turbojet engine, complete with a reheat/afterburner. Furthermore, players are allowed to switch between horizontal and vertical flight whenever they wish.

During its horizontal flying mode, the vehicle has one of the highest top speeds in the game:

  • 160 knots under 900 MSL
  • 210 knots above 900 MSL

This attack jet also has acceptable maneuverability with the ability to swiftly yaw, pitch, and roll in any direction that players want.

While in VTOL mode, it becomes less maneuverable, but far easier to control. Nevertheless, the VTOL mode makes it easy for players to use the jet’s weapons and attack an enemy. Players must note that it will take a short amount of time to ascend or descend into that mode. As expected, it’s not possible to shift immediately to the hover mode during flight and doing so can put the jet at risk of an engine shut down if the player is not careful.

The Mammoth Hydra is available for purchase at $3,990,000 – $3,000,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.

Why is the Hydra considered the best plane in GTA Online?


To put it simply, the Mammoth Hydra is the most sophisticated plane in the game. Besides its breathtaking speed and agility, the aircraft’s VTOL capabilities make it easy for players to land almost anywhere in the game. Players can also take sharper turns on land, making it easier for them to adjust their position before take-off.

Even without any major upgrades, the aircraft is fairly durable and can withstand up to two homing missile hits. Although it has no countermeasures, this jet makes up for that disadvantage with its firepower. Along with its weaponry and VTOL capabilities, the Hydra is certainly a deadly aircraft.

Listed below are the two types of weapons the Hydra comes equipped with:

  • Missiles – It can fire missiles, with or without lock-ons, with a short cooldown timer.
  • Cannon – It’s equipped with dual explosive cannons that are very powerful and effective against most targets. With a well-aimed shot, this can annihilate an enemy vehicle.

Comb the beaches of Los Santos in GTA Online and you might find a metal detector and a map leading to Buried Stashes on the island of Cayo Perico. Searching and finding these hidden hoards while scoping the island will reward you with GTA$ and RP:

All of the aforementioned facts about the Hydra make it one of the best planes in the entire game currently. However, with Rockstar being dedicated to supporting the game and adding new content every week, players may never know when they’ll receive a new plane in GTA Online.

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