What is the best team for Master League in Pokemon GO? (November 2022)

The most unfettered of Pokemon GO’s PvP Battle League, Master League is unrestricted when it comes to CP, meaning players can use the strongest Pokemon they have available. Due to the league’s no-holds-barred approach, team formulation is absolutely crucial to a trainer’s long-term success.

There are countless Pokemon combinations that can perform well and allow trainers to go on a winning streak in Pokemon GO’s Master League. This is especially true since players can use Legendary Pokemon at their highest maximum CP and stats.


However, for trainers diving into Master League for the first time, it may be tricky to determine which team can ensure solid success.

While there’s no perfect team in Pokemon GO PvP, the right battle party can at least help players along in their quest to climb the rankings.

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Pokemon GO Master League team recommendations and potential substitutes

Lugia and Dialga are both popular and powerful picks in Pokemon GO's Master League (Image via Niantic)
Lugia and Dialga are both popular and powerful picks in Pokemon GO’s Master League (Image via Niantic)

As of November 2022, Zekrom, Lugia, and Dialga form an excellent Master League team in Pokemon GO.

All three Pokemon sport impressive durability, ensuring players can stay in battles and turn the tides when things look bleak. Each creature also has very dangerous attack power and movesets, ensuring that trainers can wipe out opponents well before they lose the members of their own battle team.

Ideally, Dialga should be placed as a leader, Lugia as a switch, and Zekrom as a closer. This is due to Dialga’s magnificent shield pressure and durability, thanks to moves like Dragon Breath.

Additionally, Dialga is one of the few Dragon-type Pokemon with no weakness to Fairy-type attacks, thanks to its additional Steel typing. This gives it the ability to take on Fairy-type counters like the popular Togekiss.


Lugia is one of the most dominant Pokemon in Pokemon GO’s current Master League meta. It possesses arguably the highest durability in the game and has earth-shattering moves like Aeroblast that can decimate opponents, even those that are resistant to Flying-type moves.

Fortunately, Lugia also has quality Fast Moves that allow Lugia to charge heavy-hitting moves like Aeroblast quickly. It does have weaknesses, but it has the bulk to outshine nearly any opponent it faces.

Zekrom is of similar quality to Dialga but shines more as a closer, thanks to its fairly unique Dragon/Electric typing. It also possesses excellent moves on offense, including Outrage, Wild Charge, and Dragon Breath.

With a showstopping attack power, Zekrom can close out fights with overwhelming force once an opposing trainer is out of shields.


Potential substitutions for Dialga, Lugia, and Zekrom

  • Leader – Dragonite, Groudon, Palkia, Altered Form Giratina, Origin Form Giratina, Shadow Mewtwo, Yveltal
  • Switch – Zacian, Aria Form Meloetta, Gyarados, Shadow Mewtwo, Ursaluna, Shadow Snorlax
  • Closer – Xerneas, Shadow Ho-Oh, Reshiram, Shadow Mamoswine, Therian Form Landorus, Garchomp

If Dialga, Lugia, and Zekrom don’t fit a trainer’s playstyle in Pokemon GO PvP, they can swap one or more of the Pokemon on their team to better suit them.

As previously noted, no team is perfect. However, if making a few tweaks sets players on a victory streak, it may not be a bad idea to stick with the team that’s working best for them.

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