“What the hell was that” “This game broke me. The Giants are absolute garbage” – San Francisco Giants fans devastated after series loss to San Diego Padres

The San Francisco Giants lost their third and final game of the series against the San Diego Padres. This also gave the Padres the series win they desperately needed after a five-game losing streak.

It is not often that a team can score seven runs and still lose, but the Giants accomplished that feat. The Padres’ absurd 13 runs were simply too many to overcome.

This loss left San Francisco Giants fans confused about the state of the team. They now have many questions about the future. The Giants and their fans hoped they would be making a playoff push. That, however, seems to be in doubt now.

With the Los Angeles Dodgers way ahead in the National League West race, a wild card spot is their only option.

This series loss was the most recent way the Giants have disappointed their fanbase.

@SFGiants What the hell was that. If it’s not the offense showing up, it’s the pitching not showing up. This season has been a huge letdown.

When compared to 2021, this season has been quite the downgrade for Giants fans. They hoped to be the top team in the MLB, now some fans hope the season will end soon.

@SFGiants This game broke me. The giants are absolute garbage. On to football 🏈

The San Diego Padres are rivaled only by the Dodgers in their star power. Despite the strength of their division rivals, the Giants still expected to be legitimate contenders. With time running out and the losses piling up, the reality of the situation is setting in. If the San Francisco Giants can’t go on a hot streak, their season will end with disappointment.

@SFGiants The Padres and many other teams are better than the giants (lower case intentional). The lack of quickness, speed and the injury proneness are the main reasons for many losses this year. Also, not spending available money on better players looms large.

@SFGiants Fucking embarrassing. Can’t really be upset with the Skipper when he has nothing to work with. This diamond in the rough mentality got old fast and our pitching is an actual tragedy. Clean the damn house. All of em. Appreciate the memories. But 80 percent of this squad is ass.

Losses like these are always devastating to a fanbase. The Giants offense showed up and played at a high level, but the bullpen did not.

@SFGiants Scoring 7 and then losing by 6 is the story of this season. Last season the bullpen was stellar. This season it’s deplorable. Someone miscalculated on the building of this team, while being budget conscious.

Though the MLB season has not gone San Francisco’s way, perhaps they’ll have better luck in the NFL.

The San Diego Padres bounced back from a losing streak against the San Francisco Giants.

San Diego Padres will attempt to build off this series win against the San Francisco Giants in their playoff push

Austin Nola after his two-run homer
Austin Nola after his two-run homer

The San Diego Padres have one of the most loaded rosters in recent memory. With Manny Machado, Juan Soto and soon Fernando Tatis Jr., the Padres are an offensive juggernaut. This game proved that, even if their team gives up seven runs, they can still score enough to win.

While 13 runs a game may not be sustainable, it likely won’t be the last time these Padres hit that mark. If the San Diego Padres can build off this series win, we’ll be seeing them play deep into October.

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