What You Need to Know About Slot Games for Beginners

Even if you’ve never stepped foot inside a casino before, you probably still have a preconceived image of what the premises are like. Especially if you’ve only played online slots, you might be imagining multicoloured, flashing lights, animated sounds coming from both machine and man and a choice of restaurants/bars to occupy in-between plays.

This is the pre-eminent theme in many land-based casinos offering the physical equivalent of slot sites. However, the iconic game remains one of the most straightforward for gambling novices on online and offline premises. Unlike other casino games, slots are one of the top-rated games for beginners because they’re easy to play and require very little skill.

As well as offering straightforward gameplay, the best slots offer gambling novices an entertaining, amusing way to pass the time and additional features such as free spins, bonuses, reels etc. Despite the simplicity of slots, the game can still be daunting for beginners. So, we’ve created this article outlining what beginners need to know about slot games before starting to play – continue reading to discover more.

Check Out The Bonuses

There isn’t much difference between playing online slots and playing them in a land-based casino. However, one significant difference is the in-game bonuses you can expect to receive, which you need if you’re looking to win big. UK slot sites offer players a variety of perks such as loyalty bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spin bonuses, referral bonuses, high roller bonuses and more.

Some bonuses give you twice as many chances to hit the jackpot, whereas others may reward you for loyalty to a specific game. However, despite the appeal bonuses present, it’s always worthwhile to read the rules before taking advantage of them as they may have limitations on the amount you can cash out if you win or have a weekly/monthly cash-out clause.

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Brush Up On The Rules

It’s surprising how the rules have caught out novice and seasoned gamblers alike. Ensure that you don’t get caught out by making brushing up on the rules one of your first priorities before starting to gamble. Due to the simplicity of slots, many players fail to carry out this simple step before playing. Although this doesn’t always come at a cost, failure to read the rules can cost you money. For instance, suppose that you’re playing a new slots game for the first time.

Some jackpot slot machines may require players to play a coin on every playline to win the jackpot. In contrast, others might be progressive, and the jackpot increases as the player hits the necessary symbol combination. Without reading the rules, you risk losing a jackpot in the hundreds, thousands or even millions. Unlike some online slot sites that require players to read their rules/terms and conditions before playing their first spin, finding the regulations at land-based casinos can be much trickier.

Since all machines are different, you may find that the rules aren’t located in the same place as every machine. In this case, look out for a button on the screen labelled as either ‘rules’ or ‘information’, which should take you to a separate page detailing how to play, the game’s rules, and any other necessary information.

Sign Up For The Player’s/Slot’s Club

For the most part, many land-based and online slot sites have a player’s or slot’s club that members can join for exclusive rewards, competitions, and other special offers. Having said this, it’s within your best interests to sign up for the casino’s players or slot’s club before you start playing to ensure that you reap as many of these perks as possible. Joining the player’s/slot’s club at a brick-and-mortar casino can offer you rewards like complimentary food or drink and merchandise.

On the other hand, you can earn free day/evening experiences, free flights, and complimentary stays at hotels if you’re a high roller. Joining a club at online slot sites can also help players gain rewards like the above, but generally, they have a heightened focus on in-game bonuses. This can be advantageous if you’re the type of player who likes to chase the big jackpot, but if you’re the type who likes a mixture of in-game and physical rewards, this may not be ideal.

Don’t Spin Too Fast

One of the main reasons slots are so popular is because the more you play, the more the game learns about your playing style. Eventually, it will remember your preferences, and all you’ll have to do is press the ‘spin’ button to continue playing. This can lead to players spinning as fast as possible, which risks large amounts of money in a short space of time. Reduce the risk of this by aiming not to turn too quickly, enables you to maximise your bankroll and means that you can play for twice as long.

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