“When they give it back to you, ‘oh they shouldn’t be talking mean to me’” – Charles Barkley says it was “weak” on the Golden State Warriors’ to criticise the Boston crowd, cites Draymond Green’s antics as a reason

During Game 3 of the NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors heard it all from the away crowd. Along with losing the game by a final score of 116-100, Celtics fans reigned down boos and chants. One of the main victims was Draymond Green, who had obscenities directed towards him throughout the night.

Following the game, multiple Golden State players opened up on the antics from the Boston crowd. As expected, they were not fans of how they carried themselves during the game.

Given that Boston is a big sports town and it’s the game’s biggest stage, high energy is to be expected. That being said, one Hall of Famer did not appreciate the way Golden State spoke out against the opposing fans.

During a recent interview, Charles Barkley gave his thoughts on the Warriors’ comments. He took what they said as a sign of weakness.

“I thought it was weak on their part. I had 20,000 people telling me I sucked last week. You’re not in a position of power… You can’t come out with Draymond offending people and saying things about the crowd, and then when they give it back to you, you say ‘they shouldn’t be talking mean to me.'”

The Warriors face the Celtics in Boston tonight for Game 4 at 9pET!Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley, tells @TermineRadio & @JumpShot8 that Golden State shouldn’t call Boston fans “classless” for their profanity because there’s more to the story. #NBAFinals

Is Charles Barkley right about the Golden State Warriors comments following Game 3?

2022 NBA Finals: Game 3
2022 NBA Finals: Game 3

In regards to this situation, Charles Barkley brings up some valid points. For starters, Draymond Green is a known instigator to both players and fans.

Throughout these playoffs, he has gone into away arenas and had words with fans. Given his actions, Golden State really doesn’t have much room to complain about the way Celtics fans acted towards them.

Draymond Green’s wife, Hazel Renee, took to Instagram to call out Celtics fans for their ‘F**k you Draymond’ chants as well as calling him a ‘b**ch’ and a ‘motherf**ker’ in front of her kids.

In this series, the Warriors were picked as the clear favorites. Given their vast finals experience, the Celtics came into the series as the underdogs. Not only did the Boston players embrace this, but the fans as well. It has never been an easy city to play in, and Golden State is learning that the hard way.

As a group who were once the ‘villians’ of the NBA, these comments from the Warriors are quite puzzling. For years, they had to go on the road and listen to fans barrate them because of how successful they’d gotten. Things then hit a fever pitch when they signed Kevin Durant in free agency. Adding in all these factors, it’s shocking that now is the time they’ve chosen to speak out about what opposing fans are yelling at them.

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