When was the last time Yankees were no-hit?

The New York Yankees haven’t recorded a hit just one time in the last 60+ years but when was the last time the Yankees were no-hit?

Considering the historical success of the New York Yankees over the years, it’s not a shocker that the team getting no-hit isn’t common. In fact, it has only happened seven times since 1900 and only once since 1958.

On June 25, however, Houston Astros pitcher Christian Javier was trying to change that. While he did allow a couple of walks, Javier went through seven innings of work against the Yankees, the team with the best record in baseball, before getting pulled. However, the combined no-hitter was still intact.

With that said, the zero in the hit column for the men in pinstripes had many fans wondering when the last time the Yankees were no-hit.

Last time the Yankees were no-hit

As noted by ESPN’s Jeff Passan, the last time the Yankees were no-hit actually came against the same club threatening to do it again: the Houston Astros. That came nearly two decades ago back in 2003, which was also a combined no-no.

In that game, New York failed to get a hit against a bevy of hurlers for Houston as Roy Oswalt (1.0), Peter Munro (2.2), Kirk Saarloos (1.1), Brad Lidge (2.0), Octavio Dotel (1.0) and Billy Wagner (1.0) all took the mound for the Astros in that game.

Of course, history could change soon enough as, through eight inning and with Hector Neris taking over for Javier, the Astros staff still had a no-hitter in the bottom of the eighth inning.

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