Who won FBoy Island Season 2? Finale twist, prize money and more details explored

FBoy Island Season 2 has finally come to an end, revealing the winners of the $100,000 prize money after a major twist was announced at the end by host Nikki Glaser. The winners of season 2 were as follows:

• 25-year-old FBoy Mercedes Knox

• 31-year-old FBoy Peter Park

• 29-year-old FGirl Tamaris Sepulveda since she chose herself over her partners.

During the finale, host Nikki Glaser revealed one last twist for the season. The three women were told to walk away with their partners and split the money or steal it themselves. She said:

“In the interest of leveling the playing field, and giving you three the true power of choice here, ladies, you can choose to break up with both of your top two men tonight. You can choose neither one of them, and keep the whole $100,000 for yourself. Just like an FBoy has the power to do, if you choose him.”

The final twist surprised all the contestants, but in the end, it was Tamaris who shocked everyone by saying:

“I choose myself. I can’t be anyone’s girl.”

Before throwing one more surprise and saying:

“I came here as a … FGIRL.”

All about the finale of FBoy Island Season 2

Throughout Season 2 of FBoy Island, Tamaris, Louise, and Mia dated guys who were either nice boys or Fboys. In the process, they eliminated many guys on the show in order to choose the final one. They were also trying to see if the boys decide to split the final $100,000 prize money or not.

In the finale, titled The Men Have No Idea, the host presented the leading ladies with a secret third option, about which men had “no idea.” She said:

“You’ve put a lot into them, but now you can kiss them goodbye and do exactly what an FBOY could or would do to either you, Louise, or you, Mia, tonight and take it all for yourself. The true test begins now.”

The 25-year-old model from Onekama, Michigan, Louise Barnard, was the first to inform her decision. She had to choose between FBoy Mercedes Knox or Nice Guy Benedict Polizzi. She finally listened to her heart and selected FBoy Mercedes Knox, who decided to divide the prize money with her.

Next was the 26-year-old dental student from Tampa, Mia, Emani Jones, who chose FBoy Peter Park over Danny. Peter, too decided to split the money with his partner.

Lastly, it was Tamaris’ turn to pick between the two nice guys, Casey and Niko. But after the twist, Tamaris dropped the truth bomb and revealed that she joined the show as “an FGIRL.” She picked herself over her partners and walked away with the $100,000 prize money.

The decision shocked everyone, especially Casey and Niko. Upon the revelation, Casy said:

“That’s good s—. Wow.”

What did Tamaris say to defend herself after FBoy Island finale?

After surprising everyone with her decision, Tamaris defended herself, saying that although “it was a very hard decision” to make but “sometimes you have to choose yourself, and that’s never a bad thing.”

She “had fun” on FBoy Island and spent some great time with the guys, but she was skeptical about being committed since “guys wanted something more than I could offer them.”

As a montage of clips hinting at her FGIRL identity played on the show, Tamaris said:

“Guys have been breaking up with girls and hurting them for years. Like, this is nothing new. And it’s not like a smack in the face, like they didn’t see this coming. You want to be an FBOY? I can be an FGIRL.”

However, if the final twist hadn’t been introduced, Tamaris told Distractify she might have picked Casey. She said:

“When that third option came about, I just thought, ‘Why am I going to lie to myself when I can choose myself? I can’t be with anyone else but myself. Like, it just wouldn’t be right… I had to be that original FGirl.”

Viewers who have missed FBoy Island can stream seasons 1 and 2 of the show on HBO Max.

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