Will Zalatoris, Happy Gilmore meme, explained

Explaining it to you like you are five: The Will Zalatoris and Happy Gilmore meme.

For those who have ever watched the cinematic masterpiece that is Happy Gilmore, PGA Tour golfer Will Zalatoris might look a bit familiar to you.

Though we are not entirely sure if the age discrepancy checks out at all, Zalatoris is the grown-up spitting image of the notorious blonde caddie the movie’s namesake had issues with. While he was eventually replaced by the shoeless homeless dude played by the unforgettable Allen Covert, Adam Sandler first learned about the links as Happy Gilmore with Blondie so getting in the way.

Zalatoris and Gilmore’s caddie are 1000 percent the same person, based solely on how they dress.

Will Zalatoris is the adult doppelgänger of Happy Gilmore’s blonde caddie

Without debate, Happy Gilmore was the best thing to happen to golf since John Daly and before Tiger Woods. He embodied everything that was absolutely tremendous about both major winners without even trying. Nobody drove deeper bombs off the tee than did the former hockey goon who could not skate for the life of him. No wonder Bob Barker beat up Gilmore while on the links.

Ultimately, Zalatoris was every bit as important to the film itself as Chubbs Peterson, Virginia Venit and Grandma Gilmore. In Happy’s Happy Place, Grandma is winning on all the slot machines, Virginia is serving pitchers of beer and Zalatoris is totally vibing in the background, knowing all and well being in the mere presence of Gilmore’s greatness will get him onto the PGA Tour one day.

Will Zalatoris Adam Sandler tweet

And in case you were curious, the Sand Man himself is in on the joke. During the 2021 Masters Tournament, Adam Sandler tweeted at Zalatoris about the resemblance, referencing Happy Gilmore.

Next time you see Zalatoris sink a putt, put your putter or hockey stick between your legs and ride.

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