“Wow they actually pulled it off” “The further that game went, the more urgent the W became” – New York Yankees fans relieved to win game against Minnesota Twins in extra-inning thriller

It may have taken 12 innings, but the New York Yankees found a way to secure a win against the Minnesota Twins. This was the first game of their double header, and gave the Yankees momentum heading into game two. Aaron Judge was his usual phenomenal self, hitting a home run in the fourth inning; his fifty-fifth of the season.

In the bottom of the twelfth inning, it was young rookie Oswaldo Cabrera who was the hero for the Yankees. His single would lead to a game-winning run. The Yankees posted a clip of the final play of the game to Twitter.

Cabrera has a ton of upside and has proved that he is capable of contributing now with this game winning hit. After 12 innings, many New York Yankees fans had given up on the win. They showed tremendous grit and resilience by being able to get a much-needed victory.

@Yankees The further that game went, the more urgent the W became… and we GOT IT!

This could be a great sign that the Yankees are rounding back into form at the perfect time. Though it was not the perfect time for the Minnesota Twins.

The game had plenty of missteps and players were out with injuries, but at the end of the day, the win is all that matters.

The New York Yankees offense may not have shown up like they had earlier in the season, but they did enough to win.

@Yankees That was so not fun but glad got the W 😅

Having young prospects like Oswaldo Cabrera up to bat in key moments like this is always risky, but it paid off.

The Minnesota Twins did a good job at slowing down the Yankees offense, but it was not enough.

@Yankees Win or lose by the long ball. Very concerning.

With the second game starting almost immediately after this one, both teams will need to get their emotions in check. If the Yankees become too content with their win, they may start slow and be unable to keep up. If the Twins dwell on the loss, they won’t be ready for the pressures of game two.

What a relief. Great pitching. FINALLY, the offense came through in the 12th with WALDO walking it off. Judge with his 55th homer and Gleyber with a big homer that hopefully gets him out of his slump. Now let’s bring out the 🧹 for game 2! Let’s go Yanks! #RepBX #CHASEFOR28…

The New York Yankees won the first game of the series in dramatic fashion and will have to be ready for a quick turnaround for game two.

New York Yankees win over the Minnesota Twins was sorely needed

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees - Game One
Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees – Game One

As of late, the Yankees’ struggles have been well documented. Every win they can get is desperately needed. With the Tampa Bay Rays and Toronto Blue Jays closing in, the American League East crown is back up for grabs.

If the Yankees want to hold on to their divisional lead, they will need more wins like this one against the Minnesota Twins.

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