WWE News Roundup: Former champion to debut new name and gimmick, Veteran makes fun of top superstar’s look, AJ Styles’ message to Impact Wrestling

Welcome to another edition of the daily WWE News Roundup, where we try and bring the biggest news stories and updates from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s edition, we will take a look at some interesting topics involving big names like Sami Zayn, AJ Styles and Jordan Devlin.

Sami Zayn has become one of the most entertaining superstars on SmackDown. The self-proclaimed locker room leader has been trying to get in the good graces of Roman Reigns for weeks now.

Zayn has had a drastic appearance change from when he first debuted in the company. He now sports an unkempt look with long locks and a flowing beard. We open today’s roundup with a former WWE Superstar making fun of Zayn’s look.

#3. Kid Kash makes fun of Sami Zayn’s look

Former WWE Superstar Kid Kash appeared on Cafe de Rene and spoke about what he thinks of Sami Zayn. Kash said that he isn’t impressed with Zayn’s physique and that the former IC Champion doesn’t look like a traditional wrestler.

He went on to compare Zayn’s current look with that of his neighbor, who is a mechanic:

”He looks like my neighbor who’s a mechanic. My neighbor’s a mechanic who’s got frizzy hair like him, he’s got the big bushy beard like him, he’s got the physique like him. What happened? Where did it all change?”

Kash also claimed that it was Rey Mysterio who helped the smaller guys in wrestling to get over in WWE. Taking a shot at AEW star CM Punk, he said that despite Punk believing he had a big role to play in the upliftment of smaller guys, it was Mysterio who was the pioneer.

#2. AJ Styles sends Impact Wrestling a heartfelt message

Impact Wrestling presented another spectacular pay-per-view in Slammiversary this past weekend. To celebrate 20 years of Impact Wrestling/TNA, they invited multiple former superstars to share messages on the show. One of the names who appeared via video message was two-time WWE Champion AJ Styles.

Executive Vice President of IMPACT Wrestling Scott D’Amore sent a thank you tweet to Styles after Slammiversary. The Phenomenal One replied with a gracious and heartfelt tweet about the company that helped launch him into stardom.

“Thanks Scott, it was an honor. You’ve always been good to me. It was a pleasure being able to show you and impact my gratitude,” AJ Styles said in a tweet.

#1. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin to get a new name

It appears that another superstar will be getting a new name.

Former Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin will be making a return to NXT 2.0 soon under a new name and gimmick. He will be known as JD McDonagh going forward. A vignette aired featuring the superstar who held the cruiserweight championship for 400 days in a new avatar.

Devlin was considered one of the top young prospects in WWE when he started with the company. His push was derailed after allegations against him by his former partner surfaced. He has competed on NXT UK as well, where he had a memorable feud with Ilja Dragunov.

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