Yankees fans are fully in love with Anthony Rizzo after hot start vs. Red Sox

It looks like the New York Yankees were wise to go out and get Anthony Rizzo because he excelled against the Boston Red Sox. 

Anthony Rizzo may not be perfect, but he is really, really good and New York Yankees fans are definitely really, really big fans of him right now. Rizzo has been great against the Boston Red Sox and it looks like he’s done enough to get Yankees fans excited about just how good Rizzo can be for them this season.

The former Chicago Cubs slugger has taken his talents to New York City and he’s already showing just how good he can be by hitting home runs against the Red Sox.

He’s only played in two games so far as this season has only been going on for a few days, but Rizzo has already hit a couple of home runs and he’s getting folks in New York excited about the Yankees.

Here’s how Yankees fans feel about Rizzo after the first two games of their 2022 season:

New York Yankees fans show love for Anthony Rizzo during thrilling start to 2022 season

Statistically, Rizzo is having a great start to the year. While there’s no guarantee that he’ll hit an absurd amount of home runs this year, he’s currently on pace to hit quite a few.

Rizzo is making all sorts of folks excited about what this season could be for the Yankees. It’s still early, but optimism and home runs are two things that are always good to have.

Who knows just how good the Yankees and Rizzo will be this season? Regardless, New York fans definitely have good reason to be happy with their first baseman right now.

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