Yankees gem Oswaldo Cabrera amazingly out-pacing Mike Trout in young career

New York Yankees rookie Oswaldo Cabrera is having a good start to his MLB career, but it’s much better than most realize.

New York Yankees rookie Oswaldo Cabrera is having a good start to his MLB career, and it’s much better than most realize. Stats don’t lie, and the young player is currently out-pacing Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout.

Through each player’s first 37 career games:

  • Hits: Cabrera (37), Trout (23)
  • On-base percentage: Cabrera (.308), Trout (.260)
  • Slugging percentage: Cabrera (.409), Trout (.381)
  • OPS: Cabrera (.717), Trout (.641)
  • wRC+: Cabrera (105), Trout (77)
  • WAR: Cabrera (1.0), Trout (0.5)
  • Stolen bases: Cabrera (3), Trout (2)

There’s no doubt that Cabrera has a lot of potential and probably a bright future ahead of him. Only time will tell if he can keep up this momentum. If he can, he might have one of the most notable careers in the league, just like Trout.

Yankees rookie Oswaldo Cabrera could become as accomplished as Mike Trout

Of course, there’s no guarantee that Cabrera will continue this momentum, but in theory, he could become even more accomplished than Trout. Trout is one of the most well-known hitters in the league, and he’s accomplished a lot in his 12-year career.

He’s earned several awards, many a mix of Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Silver Slugger and All-Star MVP. Over his career, he’s slashed .302/.414/.586 for an OPS of 1.000. He broke out during his second season and has shown no signs of slowing down.

Oswaldo is too early into his career to tell what will happen in the future. He’d have to have a breakout season in 2023, but if he really is on the same path as Trout, he’ll have a massive impact on the Yankees lineup.

With Aaron Judge eligible for free agency next season, the Yankees may need another slugger at a high caliber to step up and perform. Given the signs, Cabrera could be it.

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