“Yeah the all star game is officially a joke” “I f****ng hate the Blue Jays” – MLB Twitter furious after four Toronto Blue Jays players lead AL All-Star Game ballot

Almost all MLB fans — except those rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays — are unhappy right now. The American League’s early All-Star Game ballot was revealed today showing which players led the votes to start at their respective positions. It included four Toronto Blue Jays players.

Here are the current American League ballot leaders for the 2022 All-Star game🤩

Those players were first baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr., catcher Alejandro Kirk, shortstop Bo Bichette, and centerfielder George Springer. The All-Star game’s starting players are determined by the popular vote of MLB fans. It’s not based on merit.

A player like Bo Bichette, who’s batting .259 this season, can start instead of a shortstop like Tim Anderson, who’s batting .357. Major League Baseball put the voting system in place to increase fan interaction, which is their ultimate goal. Fans, however, have an itch for justice and hate to see deserving players snubbed.

This Twitter user has started to hate the Blue Jays because of it. With an entire country backing them as the sole Canadian team, the Blue Jays stand head and shoulders above other fanbases by fan volume.

This user doesn’t think George Springer deserves a trip to the game either.

@MLBONFOX Bo Bichette???? George Springer?????? Yeah the all star game is officially a joke

Here’s how other fans reacted on Twitter.

MLB Twitter speaks out after initial AL All-Star Game ballot results published

Toronto Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk leads his position in All-Star game votes. He's batting .307 this season.
Toronto Blue Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk leads his position in All-Star game votes. He’s batting .307 this season.

This user went after Jays catcher Alejandro Kirk, who leads his position in All-Star votes. He’s batting .307 with an .861 OPS this season, making him one of the league’s best catchers.

@MLBONFOX Kirk at catcher? Is that a joke or just the state of the position of lack of “all star” worthy players. Also best American League Shortstop is Xander Bogaerts (most underrated MLB player for sure!)

This Blue Jays fan clapped back in defense of Kirk.

@burnsy729 @MLBONFOX Tell me you don’t watch baseball without telling me you don’t watch baseball Alejandro Kirk is definitely leading the way

This user brought fans way back to 2017 when the Houston Astros won the World Series. After the championship, news broke that the Astros had stolen signs throughout the season and playoffs, thus tainting their victory. Both Jose Altuve and George Springer were on that team. Now they’re both on the All-Star Game ballot.

@MLBONFOX Altuve?Springer?Are they gonna be banging trash cans this game?

This Cleveland Guardians fan wants justice for Jose Ramirez. Rightfully so. He’s batting .305 with 16 home runs and 62 RBIs this season.

@MLBONFOX Jose Ramirez should be 2nd behind Judge for MVP voting and hes not even an all star starter bc he plays in a small market

This fan wants to revoke Canada’s voting privileges as they are overpowering many other fanbases.

These New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays fans went toe-to-toe in a short debate. The Yankees fan wants the MLB to “give the people what they really want.” The Blue Jays fan responded by saying that’s exactly what a voting system does.

Wouldn’t giving the people what they really want be to….give them who they vote for?…

The MLB All-Star Game will be held at Dodger Stadium on July 19.

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