“You can’t hate on someone for doing something important to them” – NFL fans react to player’s decision to retire from league to spread teachings of Jesus Christ

NFL player Khari Willis is retiring from the league at just 26 years old. The safety, who has played just three seasons in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts since being drafted in 2019, took to Twitter to announce he is stepping away.

As expected, once Willis announced his decision to walk away from the game to pursue his next path, NFL fans were quick to react to the 26-year-old’s move.

One fan, who is an atheist, commented and said that you can’t hate on someone for doing something that is important to them.

“y’all i’m an atheist too but you can’t hate on someone for doing something important to them, no matter what it is.”

@RapSheet y’all i’m an atheist too but you can’t hate on someone for doing something important to them, no matter what it is

A fan named Tanner was all praise for Willis choosing to do what is important to him.

@RapSheet Amen 🙏 Gods plan he will show you the way trust in him he is so amazing I love God and Jesus so much. And mom I know she is watching over me every day.

One Twitter user posted and gave respect to Willis for defending Jesus Christ.

@RapSheet Mad respect to everyone defending Jesus Christ in here! Fighting alongside w/ all of my spiritual siblings. It is an honor to be Kingdom Minded and to be obedient to His will!2 Corinth 3:16 “But when one turns to the Lord, the veil is removed.”

A user named Mitchy commented and stated that the safety will do more for his community and church by earning an NFL salary and using that money for charity work.

@RapSheet He could do much more more for his community and church by earning an NFL salary, and using that for charity work. But that’s only an observation.

A fan named Joshua posted and said good on him for making the choice on his own.

A fan named Brandon had nothing but glowing words for Willis after he announced his decision.

@RapSheet As a @Colts fan AND a believer of Jesus Christ, let ME be one of the few to congratulate him on a successful football career and kudos on making the right choice for an alternative career.. What he’ll be doing is far more important than football and I applaud this man #ForTheShoe

A user named Jeremy said that he respected the safety’s decision to walk away from the NFL.

@RapSheet I respect it, that’s a pretty strong calling to faith there. Not many would give up millions and playing a sport professionally solely for that. Most have even used their influential platform to further the Gospel while still playing, but more power to Khari Willis…👍🏾

A fan named Wayne also had glowing words for Willis and called him a great man.

@RapSheet Good for him! Hope he finds what he is looking for! Money isn’t what we live for fame isn’t football isn’t either. God is!! What a great man Khari! God bless you sir

One fan stated that it caught him off guard, but he respects the decision made by the 26-year-old.

@RapSheet Ngl this caught me off guard but I gotta respect him for it. I hope this makes him happy. Life is too short to wait, pursue your dream Khari.

One user posted and stated that they admire Willis for what he is doing and that more people should be self sacrificial.

@RapSheet I admire this guy. More of us should be so self sacrificial. Giving up $$ for a calling to help others. What a guy!!

Colts could be darkhorse for Super Bowl

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars

With the arrival of Matt Ryan from Atlanta, many have the Colts as one of the surprise contenders for the Super Bowl. A running back of supreme quality in Jonathan Taylor, a good offensive line and some weapons on the outside, the Colts will be able to put up serious points this season.


The question mark last year was Carson Wentz’s ability to make big plays at the right time, more often than not, that was a poor play or interception. With Ryan, Indianapolis has an extremely talented quarterback who can not only push the ball down the field if needed, but is equally adept at handing it off to Taylor.


Armed with a stout defense, albeit minus Willis now, the Colts have everything they need to make a deep playoff run next season. Darious Leonard will lead the way, along with Stephon Gilmore, Yannick Ngakoue and Kenny Moore II.

Don’t sleep on the Colts next season as they could very well be one team that surprises everyone in 2022.

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