“You can’t just assume he’s going to be the same explosive sort of athlete, what happened to Dwight Howard?” – NBA analyst believes Ben Simmons’ back surgery could be a massive red flag for his career

Ben Simmons is one of the NBA’s most talked about players. That’s not only because of how great he is on the court, but also how he’s caused so much drama for his teams. Tim MacMahon of ESPN expounded on the risk of having the Brooklyn Nets guard on a championship team.

Having a 6-foot-11 point guard is a luxury not every team has. At the last trade deadline, when the Nets traded for Simmons, it looked like they struck gold. However, that wasn’t the case as Simmons hasn’t played a single game for them. Everyone assumed the three-time All-Star would be comfortable playing again after getting shipped out of Philadelphia. But it opened up new problems for them.

The 2017-18 Rookie of the Year didn’t get a chance to play because of a mental health issue. Then, a chronic back issue surfaced. This has caused him to miss games even back when he was a Sixer.

On “Brian Windhorst and The Hoop Collective,” MacMahon discussed the risks of Simmons as he returns from back surgery:

“A super-athletic player, undergoing back surgery. You can’t just assume he’s going to be the same explosive sor of athlete. What happened to Dwight Howard after he had back surgery? (For) guys whose game is based primarily on just elite, explosive athletecism, back surgery is a massive red flag, on top of a pile of red flags.”

Ben Simmons will undergo back surgery on Thursday, the Nets have announced.

Notions of Ben Simmons playing center for the Nets might be an ideal role

Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons
Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons

At his height, Ben Simmons can seamlessly play any position, except shooting guard. He could be a matchup nightmare if the Nets choose to play him at center.

There have been rumors that the Nets are willing to experiment with Simmons as the man in the middle. Although that has yet to be seen in action, people are ready to see Simmons take on a new role.

The lingering question for many is whether the All-NBA defender is ready for that role. Playing Simmons at the five position can open up various lineups that could work to the Nets’ advantage. Additionally, his elite court vision could be a huge advantage against other centers. Plus, looking at Brooklyn’s roster and surrounding Simmons with a ton of shooters could be a treat to watch.

With Kevin Durant back on the team and Kyrie Irving‘s trade rumors simmering down, it looks like the Nets have their 2022-23 roster. The news of Durant and Irving might encourage Simmons to suit up and take on a new challenge of being part of the Nets.

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