“You want to win? Then show us the draft capital” – NBA insider says the LA Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets are in a ‘multi-million dollar staring contest’ right now over Kyrie Irving

Rumors have linked the LA Lakers with Kyrie Irving since he discussed a sign-and-trade before opting into his final year. So far, Irving remains in Brooklyn.

Several analysts have commented on the possible trade. Reports recently suggested that the Lakers’ unwillingness to give out future picks is delaying the deal.

REPORT: The Lakers have reportedly been reluctant to include a second 1st-round pick in a trade for Kyrie Irving.The Athletic’s @jovanbuha: “I think if they were willing to send two first-round picks, Kyrie would be a Laker right now.”

Reports suggest LeBron James wants a reunion with Irving but might not get it if the Lakers keep to their plan. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported that James wants to win now and does not care about future picks. Irving will undoubtedly be a boost for the Lakers.

Brian Windhorst:“I can’t articulate how little LeBron cares about the Lakers’ 2029 first-round pick.. He doesn’t care about first-round draft picks when they’re on his team. He wants to win tonight, and Kyrie Irving gives him a chance tonight.”

On “This Just In,” Nick Friedell was asked about updates in the Irving trade situation and said nothing has changed. The reporter noted that even though the Lakers are the only interested team, the Nets still want picks. Friedell said:

“Not one thing has changed up to this point. Everything is a massive holding pattern. It still feels like the only team that’s out there that is legitimate, that really wants Kyrie, that’s the Lakers. And, if you’re Sean Marks and the Nets, you’re saying to Rob Pelinka, ‘Show me the draft picks.'”

After discussing how James’ request for Irving might force Pelinka to make a deal, he continued:

“It’s a multi-million dollar staring contest right now. The Nets are saying, ‘You want him bad enough? You want to win? Then show us the draft capital.’ And the Lakers are saying, ‘We’re the only team that wants to push anyway.’ They have a big problem on both sides.”


There is still a lot of time before training camp to seal the deal. Of course, if another team does not swoop in to acquire Irving.

Will Kyrie Irving be a better fit than Russell Westbrook in the LA Lakers?

Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving
Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving

Russell Westbrook‘s first year with the Lakers did not produce the expected result. Mr. Triple Double had difficulty playing with James and struggled to adjust to a secondary role.

Westbrook’s fit has led to fans calling for the Lakers to trade him. If the Lakers land Irving, there is a high chance Westbrook will be part of the deal.

Report: Spurs want an unprotected first round pick from the Lakers to take on Russell Westbrook and help facilitate a Kyrie Irving trade, per

Irving would fit right in with the Lakers. He has played with James in the past, and the duo dominated the Eastern Conference during their time together.

Although there are trust concerns with Kyrie Irving, he will improve the team. With the former champ, the Lakers will have a legitimate shot at contending for the title.

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