Youngstown State throws down the gauntlet with their penguin helmets

College football programs continue to push the envelope when it comes to uniforms. For years Oregon has rolled out stunning uniforms, with one study outlining how the Ducks have nearly 300 potential combinations for a given game. UCF has done some fantastic work in recent years with their space uniforms, and Mississippi recently partnered with Realtree on these camouflage helmets.

Last November, Utah unveiled uniforms in honor of the USS Salt Lake City, which were also fantastic.

Of course, the annual Army-Navy game often provides some of the best uniforms each college football season. I remain partial to the Navy helmets from a few seasons ago, with hand-painted ships, customized for each position group. However Army’s uniforms back in 2017, paying tribute to the 10th Mountain Division, were similarly impressive.

When it comes to helmets, at least, Youngstown State just threw down the gauntlet. The Penguins just unveiled this new helmet, with a large penguin on the side wearing a Youngstown State knit cap, which they will wear Saturday against Indiana State:

Tremendous. Simply tremendous. This is a legitimate “shut up and take my money” moment for me. If anyone reading this has a connection with Youngstown State, just tell me where to mail my blank check in exchange for one of these helmets.

As one might expect, social media exploded after these were unveiled.

The Penguins might be in the midst of a three-game losing streak, but these helmets are an epic win. Again, if anyone out there can put me in touch with someone so I can get my hands on one of these lids, I would be eternally grateful. Just tell me where to mail that blank check.

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