Your Boyfriend Is Mine cast list: Jamie Roy, Eli Jane and others in Lifetime’s thriller movie

Your Boyfriend Is Mine is an upcoming Lifetime movie that is set to premiere on Saturday, March 19. It is a thriller drama that deals with a man and his new job.

A man named Ben Howard takes a job as a live-in servant to a rich businesswoman, Amanda Roberts. He is asked to do more than just house chores, which makes Howard realize the seriousness of the situation he has put himself and his girlfriend in.

The official synopsis of Your Boyfriend Is Mine reads:

“Over the objection of his girlfriend, Ben agrees to take a job as the “live in” man servant to a wealthy businesswoman, Amanda, but quickly realizes he has made a deal with the devil, and has put himself and his girlfriend in mortal jeopardy.”

Meet the cast of Your Boyfriend Is Mine

1) Eli Jane plays Amanda Roberts

Born in Michigan, Eli Jane started her career as a model when she was a teenager. After being discovered by Seventeen Magazine, she was featured as “An Up & Coming Star” on the Oprah Winfrey show.

The critically-acclaimed actress and producer has appeared in multiple commercials, music videos, movies and television projects. Some of her work credits include The Way, Thirteen Days, Kenzzi, Kong: Skull Island, Entourage, NCIS and Desperate Housewives.

The fitness enthusiast will be seen playing the antagonist in Lifetime’s Your Boyfriend Is Mine. Her character’s name is Amanda Roberts.

2) Jamie Roy as Ben Howard

Born in Scotland and raised in Glasgow, Jamie Roy is a British actor who shifted to the USA in 2016. He began his acting career after graduating from International Business and Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde University, Glasgow.

Roy is known for Burning Little Lies, Flowers and Honey, Squeaky Clean Mysteries, Thelma & Weazy and Picture Perfect Lies. He has also appeared in short films, including Mann & Quinn, Pursuit of A Jigsaw and Meet DJI Mini 2.

He will play Ben Howard in the upcoming Lifetime thriller drama. Howard will be the live-in manservant to Amanda Roberts.

3) Brey Noelle as Calls Gordon

Brey Noelle is known for her roles in Love Incidental, The Wedding Arrangement and Crazy Neighborhood Moms. In Your Boyfriend Is Mine, she plays Ben Howard’s girlfriend.

Going by Noelle’s Instagram profile, she is the founder of Lady VRTU, which is about “empowering a community of female artists through beauty, strength and love!” Apart from being an actress, she is also a model, singer and songwriter.

4) Chris Vaber as Detective Moreno

Chris Vaber, who plays Detective Moreno in the new Lifetime movie, is an actor from Atlanta. He served in the NYPD for 20 years before pursuing acting as a career. Speaking about the career change on his website, he said:

“After retiring from the NYPD after 20 years, I was finally able to chase my true dream; Acting. I started as many do, doing background work. But that only made me more hungry for some bigger roles.”

Vaber has appeared in Homeland, Fatal Attraction, Davis, Copycat Killers, Four Amigos and Wonder Woman 1984.

In addition to the aforementioned cast, Your Boyfriend Is Mine also stars Sharonne Lanier as Detective Fisher, Jesse Malinowski as Walker, Will Poston as James Yates, Derek McDonnell as Harrison and Marc De Stefano as Sam.

Directed by Stacia Crawford, Jesse Malinowski will premiere on Lifetime on March 19 at 10.00 pm Eastern Time (ET).

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