“You’ve gone above and beyond for me”- AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs thanks WWE Hall of Famer

AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs recently posted about the impressive physical transformation over the last 18 months. He received many props for his hard work, including some from WWE Hall of Famer and current Rampage personality Mark Henry.

Hobbs has shown great progress since his All Elite debut. He held his own against the likes of CM Punk, Dante Martin, and Darby Allin. He was equally impressive in the recent Face of the Revolution Ladder match.

After Hobbs posted his picture, Mark Henry commended him on his diet and work rate. Here’s what Powerhouse tweeted in response:

“You’ve gone above and beyond for me. I just close my mouth and open my ears.”

Powerhouse Hobbs was in action on AEW Dark

Powerhouse Hobbs was in singles action on this week’s edition of AEW Dark, where he went one-on-one against Fuego Del Sol.

Hobbs overpowered his opponent by tossing him around the ring and suplexing him. Fuego was able to get into some offense after pushing Hobbs against the ring post and then hitting him with an over-the-top-rope dive to the outside.

Fuego hit Hobbs with a massive Tornado DDT for a near fall. In the end, Hobbs gained the advantage by getting out of the way of a top rope foot stomp and hitting Fuego with a chilling spine buster. Hobbs then picked up the win by making his opponent submit to the torture rack.

You can check out their match here:

Powerhouse Hobbs wins people over with his stellar performances and hard work. The change in his physique over the last 18 months is awe-inspiring.

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