Yu Darvish wants to punch former Cubs teammate Kyle Schwarber over home run

San Diego Padres ace Yu Darvish threw the perfect pitch for former teammate Kyle Schwarber to homer off of, and it understandably made him upset.

San Diego Padres ace Yu Darvish dealt the perfect pitch in Game 1 of the NLCS for his former teammate and now competitor Kyle Schwarber to homer off of. Darvish was upset, understandably so, and he shared his feelings with Darnay Tripp of NBC San Diego.

According to Tripp, Darvish said of Schwarber, “Next time I meet him I might have to punch him.”

Of course there’s no telling what’ll happen, but it’s more than likely just a joke. The two played together on the Chicago Cubs from 2018 through 2020 and don’t have a history of disliking each other. The statement was probably in good competitive fashion, and both are pretty laid back about the situation.

Padres ace Yu Darvish and Phillies slugger Kyle Schwarber both spoke out on the massive homer

Schwarber had a pretty humble statement about his home run. He told Christina De Nicola of, “Well, first off, I would have taken it if it went in the first row. I really don’t care — a point is a point. It doesn’t feel like anything, I guess. That’s probably the good thing, is that your hands don’t hurt at the end of it. To be able to put up a run there and extend the lead, it was nice.”

What a nice statement from someone who just hit the furthest home run of all time at Petco Park.

Darvish included more context in his statement and said, “The Schwarber home run, that’s on me. That’s my mistake. I knew he was waiting on something offspeed, and the ball kind of went into the middle there. He got the most out of that at-bat. He’s a friend of mine. Every time we meet, we greet each other and all that. Next time I meet him, I might have to punch him.”

He confirmed their friendship, but that may not be the case much longer as Schwarber and the Philadelphia Phillies destroy the Padres with home runs in the NLCS.

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