Add USB-C Charging to Your AirPods with This 3D-Printed Kit

Ken Pillonel

Robotics engineering student Ken Pillonel made headlines last year when he modified an iPhone to charge over USB-C. Now, he’s back to his usual shenanigans by not only repairing a broken AirPods charging case and switching it to USB-C, but he also shared how others can do the same.

As we all know, Apple’s AirPods and the charging case are basically unrepairable. That didn’t sit well with Ken, nor did carrying around several different charging cables, so he came up with a nifty solution.

In the video below, you can see how this modder sourced his own parts, USB-C port, and PCB board, then added them to a 3D-printed AirPods case. Additionally, he’s created and released an open-source repair kit for the original 1st gen and Apple’s 2nd gen AirPods.

Obviously, selling something like this isn’t the brightest idea and could get the modder in trouble with Apple. As a result, he decided to document, open-source, and share all the information with those who’d like to do the same.

All the 3D-printer files and PBC information are readily available on a GitHub repository, and you’ll need some DIY skills to complete the task. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’re up for a challenge and want to repair what you own, rather than trashing it for a new one, give it a try.

Not only will you have a longer-lasting set of AirPods with a fresh new case and battery, but it’ll be EU-friendly with USB-C charging. It’s probably only a matter of time before Apple’s products all come with USB-C, but this is your only option for now.

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