Adidas’ Sporty New Headphones Have an 80-Hour Battery with Solar Charging


The latest set of Adidas wireless headphones is purpose-made for gym rats. Called the Adidas RPT-02 SOL, these headphones feature an 80-hour battery life, solar charging, and machine-washable parts. You can order the new headphones today for a cool $229.

This is a pretty interesting product, to say the least. Adidas stuck an Exeger Powerfoyle solar panel built into the RPT-02 SOL’s headband, enabling solar charging when exposed to indoor or outdoor lighting. And to our surprise, a built-in indicator tells you if the headphones are getting enough light.

The ADIDAS RPT-02 headphones on a white background.

While this integrated solar panel may not eliminate the need for USB-C charging, it will extend the RPT-02 SOL headphones’ crazy 80-hour battery life. (And hey, if you don’t use the headphones very often, you may never need to charge them on a cable.)

And for you sweaty athletes, the RPT-02 SOL features an IPX4 sweat-resistance rating. Plus, it’s made of 87% recycled plastic, and its earcups and inner headband are machine-washable.

Adidas’ RPT-02 SOL headphones are available today for $229. Note that these headphones don’t ship until August 23rd.

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