BMW Reveals Its First Affordable EV


The newly-revealed BMW X1 lineup is all about functionality, style, and affordability, with ICE cars starting at $35,000. But more notably, this lineup includes BMW’s first affordable electric car—the BMW iX1 xDrive30.

While we’re still missing some details, it seems that the BMW iX1 xDrive30 will stick with some modest (but respectable) specs. A high-density battery in the vehicle’s underbody provides 257 to 272 miles of range (or 413 to 438 kilometers), and two drive units at the front and rear axles push a combined output of 313 horsepower, providing an overall torque of 364 foot-pounds.

The car’s battery capacity is unknown, though it uses the same charging system as the BMW i7. That means it should charge at 11 kW when plugged into a Level 2 charging station—a relatively fast speed  that hasn’t been confirmed by BWM.

As for pricing, we’re not entirely sure what the BMW iX1 will cost. It will almost certainly be the cheapest EV in BMW’s lineup, meaning that it will cost less than the $56,000 BMW i4. (The basic gas-powered BMW X1 costs $35,000.)

BWM will launch gas and diesel models of BMW X1 this October, barring any delays. We’ll probably learn more about the BMW iX1 EV around that time, though to be clear, I’d be shocked if this electric car launches before 2023.

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