Get a Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker for Just $18 Today


The Nest Mini is Google’s entry-level smart speaker, with all the power of Google Assistant in a smaller (and cheaper) speaker. Now it’s on sale at a great price.

The second-generation Nest Mini is a compact smart speaker with Google Assistant, so it can set alarms, play music from streaming services, set reminders and calendar events, control smart home devices, and much more. Google released the updated model in 2019, and compared to the original version (which was originally called the Google Home Mini), it has twice the bass and dynamic volume adjustment for Assistant based on current background noise levels.

If you’ve been in the market for a cheap smart speaker for a room (or two, or three), the Nest Mini is an excellent choice, especially at this lower price. It’s common for the Nest Mini to go on sale for $30 or $25 (the original retail price was $50), but discounts below the $20 mark are less common.

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