How to Get Rid of Photoshop’s “Save to Creative Cloud” Popup

Andrew Heinzman

It’s hard to use Photoshop without running into some annoyance or inconvenience. But the file exporting process is an especially big pain point, and it’s only gotten worse with Adobe’s new “Save to Creative Cloud” popup. Thankfully, you can disable this popup to save a step in the exporting process.

Adobe added this “Save to Creative Cloud” popup to Photoshop version 23.1.1, which launched in February of 2022. It appears every time you try to save or export a file, making it a neat feature for Creative Cloud fans and an incredible pain in the butt for everyone else.

Uncheck this box to kill the Creative Cloud popup. Andrew Heinzman

Disabling the new popup is pretty easy. On a Mac, you should enter Photoshop’s Preferences (Command + K), navigate to the “File Handling” tab, and uncheck the box that says “Default save to Creative Cloud.”

On a Windows PC, click the “Edit” tab at the top of Photoshop’s window and select “Preferences.” Then, navigate to “File Handling” and uncheck the “Default save to Creative Cloud” box.

Once you disable the Creative Cloud popup, Photoshop will revert to its normal exporting behavior. The app will open your file explorer in the last place you saved or imported an image—just as it should.

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