How to Play ‘Nintendo Switch Sports’ Without Breaking Your TV

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Alright, we need to sit down and have a talk. People are already breaking their TVs playing Nintendo Switch Sports, the Wii Sports sequel. It’s hilarious and nostalgic, but I’m begging you, please don’t make the same mistakes we made in 2006. Humanity is capable of so much more, right?

Maybe I’m putting too much faith in humanity. Anyway, you already know why people are breaking their TVs with the Wii Sports sequel—they’re not wearing the Wiimote wrist strap. I mean, the Joy-Con wrist strap, or whatever.

Every Nintendo Switch console (or official Switch controller) comes with a set of Joy-Con straps. They’re the little plastic things that you can slide on each Joy-Con. And due to some magical spell, or maybe science, this strap keeps the Joy-Con from flying out of your hand and concussing your family members.

Now, I understand that the Joy-Con straps are easy to lose. That’s Nintendo’s fault—the company shouldn’t trust us to keep track of small, TV-saving equipment. But you can buy new straps, dude. They’re not even that expensive—I mean, they’re way cheaper than a new TV!

If you’ve lost your Joy-Con straps and plan on playing the Wii Sports sequel, please buy new straps. The most popular option on Amazon costs just $12 and comes in a bunch of cute colors. You can even buy replacement shells to make your Joy-Con strap look super cool and retro, if that’s your problem.

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