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When you work on your computer, you probably use more than one application at a time. If you use an iPad as well, you can do the same. We’ll show you how to do split screen on iPad with two features.

By using Split View and Slide Over on your iPad, you can use more than one app at a time. There’s no opening and minimizing to see what you need at the time. Place the apps side-by-side and multitask like a pro.

Note: These instructions are for iPads running iPadOS 15. If you have an older iPad that doesn’t support that version, take a look at our article on using Split View and Slide Over on iPad, as the feature has evolved over time.

Enable Multitasking on iPad

If you’ve used Multitasking on your iPad before, know that the old setting is no more. You used to be able to enable or disable the Multitasking toggle in Settings > Home Screen & Dock. This allowed you to turn off features like Split View and Slide Over. If you have an older version of iPadOS, you’ll still see the setting.

However, with iPadOS 15 and newer, the setting has vanished. Now, you simply use the Multitasking icon and menu when you want to use one of these features. This icon displays as three dots at the top of the app and expands with the options.

Open Apps in Split View

With your iPad in landscape view and an app open, tap the Multitasking icon at the top. If you don’t see the three dots, then the app doesn’t support Multitasking.

Select the icon in the center to activate Split View.

Split View in the Multitasking menu

You’ll then see the app move to the side of the screen with the remainder of your Home screen and Dock in view. This allows you to pick the second app you’d like to display on the other half of the screen.

Split View enabled to add an app

When you open the next app, each displays equally in a split screen view. You can drag the divider down the center of the screen to the right or left to increase the view of one app and decrease the other.

Divider to resize Split View apps

With both apps on your screen at once, you can use them at the same time. Scroll through Safari on the left while you read a text message on the right. Or, view the Calendar on one side while you browse the App Store on the other.

Split View on iPad

You can also drag items between the two apps which is one of the handiest features of Split View. For example, you may see a picture in the Photos app that you want to add to your email. Simply drag the photo from its side of the screen to the email in the other.

Drag a photo to an email in Split View

Replace an App in Split View

As you use Split View, you may want to swap the apps you’re using. You can replace one of the apps in this view with another.

Swipe down from the top of the app you want to remove.

Drag down to remove a Split View app

You’ll then see that app removed from view and the other app shrink to the other side of the screen, just like when you initially invoked Split View. Simply locate and open the app you want to fill the spot for the app you removed.

Turn Off Split View

When you want one of the two apps in full view again, you can easily get rid of the split screen view. Tap the Multitasking icon for the app you want to keep open and select the solid box icon on the far left for Full Screen.

Full Screen in the Multitasking menu

Alternatively, drag the divider in the center to cover one of the apps you want to remove. This places the other app in fullscreen mode.

You can then head back to your Home screen as you normally would.

Open Apps in Slide Over

Slide Over is similar to Split View in that you can divide your iPad’s screen between a couple of apps. The difference is that Slide Over keeps the second app on top of the other and to the side as shown below.

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Slide Over on iPad

With your iPad in landscape view and an app open, tap the Multitasking icon at the top. Select the icon on the far right for Slide Over.

Slide Over in the Multitasking menu

You’ll then see the app move off the right side of the screen.

Slide Over enabled to add an app

Pick the next app you’d like to display. This app then opens in full screen with the Slide Over app on top of it to the side.

Slide Over on iPad

To move the Slide Over app, use the Multitasking icon to drag it left or right. To hide the app, which is like closing it, slide it to the side of the screen. You’ll then see a gray tab that you can drag to unhide it when you like.

App hidden in Slide Over

Like with Split View, you can move items between the apps in Slide Over. Copy a file or photo from one Slide Over app to another by tapping, holding, and dragging it.

Close Slide Over

To stop using Slide Over, follow the same process as closing Split View. Put an app in Full Screen with the Multitasking icon and then return to your Home screen as usual.

Move Between Split View and Slide Over

If you’re using Split View and want one app in Slide Over instead, tap the Multitasking icon for app you want to change and select the Slide Over icon.

Change from Split View to Slide Over

If you’re using Slide Over and want both apps in Split View, tap the Multitasking icon for the app in Slide Over and select the Split View icon.

Change from Slide Over to Split View

Then, choose the icon for putting the app on the left or right side.

Icons to choose which side of the screen for the app in Split View

Take advantage of these handy built-in features to use split screens on your iPad. For more ways to multitask on iPad, consider using the Center Window and Picture-in-Picture features too!

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