iFixit starts selling parts for the Google Pixel 6A

iFixit doesn’t just provide the necessary tools and parts to repair all of your expensive technology but also provides detailed instructions on how to replace everything from your screen to the battery on your phone, laptop, or camera. While sending your device back to the manufacturer is usually an option if your device is still under warranty, sometimes fixing something yourself is the fastest (and cheapest) option. That’s saying nothing for the feeling of pride you get from solving a problem by yourself.

The kits featured on the iFixit site only represent the genuine replacement parts provided by Google and aren’t a comprehensive list of all the potential hardware issues your phone could have. iFixit provides teardown instructions to replace the 5G antenna, loudspeaker, and even the motherboard but currently doesn’t provide the necessary replacement parts.

I probably do more than the average amount of tinkering with my devices at home, but I can safely say that investing in an iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit was one of the wiser purchases I’ve ever made. In addition to including bits for every type of screw imaginable, the Pro Tech Toolkit comes packaged with everything you need to take a handheld device apart and put it all back together.

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