Keychron Q8 Embraces the Ergonomic “Alice” Keyboard Layout


If you’re a fan of the Keychron K8, which is one of our favorite mechanical keyboards, the new Keychron Q8 will drive you wild. It’s the first Keychron board to feature the rare “Alice” layout; a semi-ergonomic design that retains all of your favorite features, including hot-swappable keys and switches.

While the Alice-styled Q8 isn’t cheap at $195 (fully assembled), it’s technically a bargain. This is the only readily-available keyboard with the Alice layout, as most Alice keyboards are made in small batches and cost several hundred dollars. (Which is quite odd, considering that this infamous layout was developed back in 2018.)

Spec-wise, we’re looking at hot-swappable keys and switches, a high-quality aluminum chassis, a selection of Gateron G Pro switches, and OSA doubleshot keycaps. There’s also RGB lighting, an optional control knob, a hardware switch for Windows or macOS functionality, and support for QMK and VIA customization software.

I should also mention the controversy surrounding this keyboard. When it was revealed in February, the Keychron Q8 had two “G” keys—something that really pissed off the mechanical keyboard community. Evidently, Keychron decided to ditch the extra “G” and go with a more traditional take on the Alice layout.

You can order the new Keychron Q8 today. The fully-assembled model costs $195, though it’s a whopping $205 if you want the integrated control knob. If you have the wits to assemble this thing yourself, you can buy it barebones for just $175.

Source: Keychron via PC World

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