Krispy Kreme Is Selling Doughnuts for the Price of Gas

Krispy Kreme

We don’t have to tell you that gas prices are high. Luckily, Krispy Kreme is here to ease a bit of that pain at the pump.

Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen, original glazed doughnuts for the price of gas on Wednesdays from now through May 4.

The price tag will be determined on Mondays with the sale being offered only on Wednesdays. The brand will acquire the average cost per gallon across the country, and once that number is determined, the price will be set. The brand will let people know the doughnuts’ cost on its social media as well as on the Krispy Kreme offers page.

If you decide to shop the deal, you can get up to two dozen original glazed doughnuts. Visit your local Krispy Kreme store for drive-thru orders, and you can also use the Krispy Kreme app to order pick-up. You’ll just need to head to the store for this deal.

Feel like you need a mid-week pick-me-up or a tasty self-care moment during your workday? Krispy Kreme’s “deflation doughnuts” might be the answer.

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