Leaks suggest Google is about to release a cheaper Chromecast

According to leaked information from “retail sources” given to German-language site WinFuture, a 1080p version of the Google Chromecast streaming dongle will imminently hit the European market for around €40 (tax inclusive). The current Chromecast with Google TV dongle costs €70, making the upcoming alternative around 40 percent cheaper, though we’ll have to wait and see how prices will compare across other regions.

A cheaper alternative to the standard Chromecast has been speculated since January of this year, with an FCC filing for a new wireless device designated as “Google G454V” emerging in June. While this wasn’t explicitly named as a Chromecast dongle, the listing mentioned the product is capable of 1080p resolution video streaming at 60Hz and is powered by a USB connection. The chances of this not being a Chromecast feel, frankly, slim.

Sure, it won’t provide the 4K HDR streaming capabilities of the full-fat Chromecast, but there are various scenarios where that’s not going to matter for some consumers. Many mainstream projectors are still restricted to 1080p resolutions, for example, and older full HD TVs may simply lack streaming apps and functionality while working just fine. For folks looking to add affordable streaming to multiple displays around the home, it could be ideal.

The current Chromecast with Google TV is priced at $49.99 (excluding tax) in the US and goes on sale frequently, which potentially makes this affordable alternative more of a marketing tool than a product that most people will look to buy. Should prices for both models fall around season sales such as Black Friday, a super cheap Chromecast is great for promotions to draw in customers while offering an attractive discount to the standard Chromecast (just like this $15 Roku streaming box deal from last year). Here’s hoping we get official pricing and some additional information regarding specifications on October 6th.

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