LEGO Optimus Prime Is Ready to Roll Out


Move over Batmobile; LEGO just announced its best 80s nostalgia set yet: Optimus Prime. And if just the name of the set isn’t enough to make you instantly pull out $169.99 to buy it, you should know this set actually transforms.

LEGO Optimus Prime marks the start of what we can only hope is a long collaboration between LEGO and Hasbro. The 1,508-piece set is marked for adults, which isn’t too surprising. Not only are you building a rather large and complicated set, but it can also transform.

Usually, with LEGO sets that have multiple “forms,” you build as one or the other, and you have to rebuild if you want to change it. But LEGO Optimus Prime can transform between his standing robot mode and his truck cab form. Alas, you won’t get the trailer in this set. But the fact that he transforms is still very cool.

LEGO accomplished the feat with 19 points of articulation that allow you to twist the body, fold down the head, and more. And in a particular point of “film accuracy,” you can open Prime’s chest to reveal the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. You’ll also get an ion blaster, Energon ax, Energon cube, and jetpack.

You can purchase LEGO Optimus Prime for $169.99 starting June 1st.

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