Microsoft Is Selling a $25 Hoodie for Your Xbox Controller

Yes, this is a real product.


Microsoft is now selling a warm, soft, fuzzy hoodie for your Xbox controller in what can only be described as the product you never knew you needed. You can’t make this stuff up! It’s available now on the Xbox Gear Shop for only $25.

The Xbox Mini Controller Hoodie is exactly what it sounds like. A tiny little hoodie that’s perfectly sized to keep your Xbox Series X|S controller warm yet stylish. Oddly enough, this official Microsoft Xbox product comes with arm holes, even though controllers don’t have arms.

Either way, this will keep the controller nice and warm for gamers before diving into another COD match or on those cold weekend morning gaming sessions.

Better yet, if you’re the proud owner of a Microsoft Xbox mini fridge, you can throw your controller in its official hoodie, then enjoy a cold beverage like some Mountain Dew. Then, once you’re done quenching your thirst, toss that cold can in the trash and warm those trigger fingers up by gripping your cozy controller.

The official hoodie is made from soft 100% polyester and has a cute little zipper, not to mention the Xbox branding on the front and the logo around the back. You can pre-order one today in white or black color options.

Unfortunately, a product this amazing wouldn’t last long, and Microsoft confirmed that it has already sold out for this holiday season. Still, if you pre-order before December 15th, the second batch will ship in February. Game on!

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