Nerf Ditches the Dart In Its New “Gelfire” Blaster


The famous foam darts are missing from Nerf’s latest product, the Gelfire Mythic blaster. It shoots new “Gelfire” rounds, which are small hydrated balls that explode on impact. And oddly enough, it comes with some eye protection.

If this seems like an attempt to attract teens and adults to the Nerf brand—well, yeah. The Gelfire Mythic is sort of like a very gentle paintball gun (it even looks like one), and it can fire 10 rounds per second.

But Nerf isn’t inventing something new here. Gel blasters are a growing product category, and it’s especially popular among families that don’t want to deal with paintball or airsoft. Nerf’s Gelfire Mythic stands out because it actually looks like a toy, but that’s about it.

The gel balls used in these blasters are pretty fun, by the way. They’re small polymer beads that soak in water to become big exploding balls. Nerf says that the gel balls require zero cleanup, and they’re supposedly biodegradable. (Nerf doesn’t make the biodegradable claim, but other companies do. For what it’s worth, these balls are basically just Orbeez.)

Oh, and oddly enough, the Nerf Gelfire Mythic charges over USB-C. I guess it’s one of those things you plug in before going to bed.

You can pre-order the Gelfire Mythic blaster for $80 at Amazon. It starts shipping on November 1st, just in time to make or break a few family gatherings.

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