Netflix Makes It Easier to Log Out Your Ex

Tell your exes to get their own account.

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As Netflix continues its efforts to crack down on account sharing and increase revenue with its ad-supported plans, we’re now seeing new options to remove old friends, your Exes, and family members from using subscriptions.

Previously, Netflix users could log into their accounts and see a short list of activity, logged-in devices, and downloads, but with limited options. You could only “log out all devices,” which, as we all know, isn’t very ideal. Now, there’s a new area for managing access and devices that’ll help users do exactly that.

Instead of logging out of every device, Netflix subscribers can head in and get a detailed list of devices and activity. Then, if you want to remove one device, like an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, you can. We’re surprised it took this long to get the ability to log out individual devices with one click.

Netflix manage devices

Along with the device name, this new account management tool shows the location of the device streaming on your account, device type, location, and IP address, and it still shows the most recent watch time, date, and content.

In a blog post, Netflix says this change will give subscribers greater control over accounts during the busy holiday season. That way, you’ll be able to easily remove account access from hotel rooms or a family member’s TV for those traveling.

These new options are available starting today from the web, iOS, and Android. While you’re at it, you can always cancel Netflix or switch to the cheaper ad-tier plan.

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