PSA: Twitter Sent Out User Confirmation Emails By Accident, Ignore Them

Well, this is embarrassing. You know the confirmation email you typically get when signing up for a new service or account? Twitter accidentally sent a bunch out to existing users. If you got a sudden email from Twitter asking to confirm your account, you can ignore it.

Hopefully, you’re already well-versed in the concept of not clicking on links in suspicious emails you didn’t ask for, but in this case, it’s technically a legitimate email. Twitter confirmed as much in a tweet, and apologized for sending out the messages.

If you got one, and you didn’t just sign up for a new Twitter account you can ignore it. You don’t need to confirm your account again. If you just signed up for a new account and you’ve never confirmed it, then you still should. The whole thing seems rather embarrassing after all we live in a world trained to be suspicious of odd emails.

Twitter isn’t saying how the error happened, but hopefully, it fixed the problem so it won’t happen again.

via Bleeping Computer

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