Review | ‘Ruined King’ continues to build out the ‘League of Legends’ universe, but does little more

When you’re in a fight, the combat in “Ruined King” is organized into a three-lane system that looks a lot like the fretboard from “Guitar Hero.” Players orchestrate turns across three lanes — speed, balanced and power — that determine how fast and how powerful a certain move will be. You can speed up an attack, but it’ll mean you won’t inflict as much damage. Or you can move an attack into the power lane, but that’ll take more time to execute. Toward the end of the game, when you’re facing some of the tougher bosses, fights turn into duels for positioning on the three lanes. You need to avoid certain lanes while the boss rains down fire, and you can position certain moves before the enemy’s turn to heal or land a well-timed block. Airship Syndicate does a great job at introducing compounding actions to make champions stronger as the match stretches on — similar to how it feels when playing a match in “League of Legends.” Pyke, for example, can acquire a buff called “Executioner” that will multiply the strength of one of his lane abilities.

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