Samsung Display and Intel Demonstrate New ‘Slidable’ Monitor Prototype


Samsung Display and Intel are developing what they call “slidable” PCs. The companies revealed an expanding display prototype at Intel’s innovation keynote this week. Samsung Display CEO JS Choi took the stage to demonstrate the device, which he stretched from 13 to 17 inches in a single pull.

Choi says the display represents an important example of ecosystem collaboration between hardware and software developers. And that this type of innovation will set the trend for the future of PCs. He also claims that this is the first demonstration of a 17-inch slidable display for PC. He also declares foldable technology dead.

“This device will satisfy the user’s need for a large screen, and also is the portability as well. With a flexible display, we implemented sliding technology rather than foldable. Foldable is gone, but it’s just beginning, right?”

Choi ended the demonstration by saying that we’ll see slidable technology implemented into products in the near future.

While the slidable monitor may be the first 17-inch slidable display, it’s not the first slidable device out there. Samsung Display’s parent company, Samsung, demonstrated a slidable smartphone earlier this year.

And it’s interesting for the CEO of Samsung Display to declare foldables dead, since Samsung had a massive release of its new foldable Galaxy Z Flip series last month.

Source: CNET, The Verge

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