Secret ‘Super Punch-Out!!’ Two-Player Mode Discovered 28 Years Too Late


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It turns out that one of Nintendo’s most iconic SNES games, Super Punch-Out!!, has a secret two-player mode. A few simple button combinations, which were “casually found” by Unlisted Cheats, quickly unlocks multiplayer fighting in the 28-year-old game.

First, Unlisted Cheats discovered a single-player match mode where you can fight any Super Punch-Out character of your choosing. Just open the game’s title screen, hold Y+R on a controller plugged into slot two, and press START on the first player’s controller.

From here, you can enable two-player mode by holding B+Y on the second player’s controller and hitting START on your main controller. The second player can choose which opponent they want to use, and oddly enough, they can pull of special moves with combinations like Down+B.

As IGN‘s Kat Bailey notes, these cheats also work in the Nintendo Switch Online version of Super Punch-Out. If you want to freak out some childhood friends, now might be the time to invite them over for a few quick matches.

It seems that Nintendo used this feature during Super Punch-Out‘s development, which is why it’s hidden behind an awkward cheat code. Either that, or the company couldn’t finish a two-player mode for the game and decided to leave this secret behind.

Source: Unlisted Cheats via Kotaku & IGN

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