See How LEGO’s Optimus Prime Set Was Designed in a New Video


Earlier this month, LEGO published its first Designer video of 2022, ending a six-month dry spell for its biggest fans. And to our surprise, the company is back with another behind-the-scenes video, this time with a focus on the new Optimus Prime set.

The short video stars Joseph Kyde, a Senior Designer at LEGO. He explains that the Optimus Prime set was a huge undertaking, as it had to contain elements from both the original Transformers toys and the old TV show. I’d say he hit both of those marks—the LEGO Optimus Prime seamlessly transforms into a vehicle, comes with the appropriate decals, and even features accessories like the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

Notably, Kyde says that the Optimus Prime set contains three unique bricks. Two of these bricks are for the Transformer’s joints, while one is for his faceplate. Other unique items include a display plate, ion blaster, Energon Axe, and jetpack.

The LEGO Optimus Prime set is dedicated to Joseph Kyde’s brother, who passed during the design processes. You can order it now at LEGO for $170. Note that this set comes with the Forest Hideout gift if you order before the end of June 22nd.

Source: LEGO via The Brick Fan

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