Should You Buy a Portable Nintendo Switch Dock?

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If you travel with your Nintendo Switch you might appreciate the ability to play docked when you’re near a TV or monitor away from home. The official dock is a lot bigger than necessary to get the job done. That’s why you might want to consider a portable dock instead.

The Best Portable Switch Docks

There are a few different portable Switch dock options available if you’re looking for something smaller and lighter than Nintendo’s official offering. The first is the GENKI Covert Dock, a small dock that resembles a USB wall charger.

GENKI Covert Dock

The dock plugs into the wall, so you’ll need a spare power outlet near your TV (or monitor). There’s a USB-C port to connect your Switch (cable included), a spare USB-A port for peripherals or controllers, and an HDMI output (cable not included) for connecting a TV.

GENKI Covert Dock for Nintendo Switch

Just make sure you leave your Switch in a position where the vents on the back aren’t obstructed, since the console will get hotter in docked mode when drawing more power, charging the battery, and delivering a higher-resolution image. If that one’s too big, at the time of writing GENKI is taking pre-orders for the Covert Dock mini on Kickstarter too.

A similar option that you can use with other devices is the RREAKA Multiport Hub. You’ll need to use your original Switch charger to power the hub using the USB-C port, then connect the USB-C input to your Switch. An HDMI output lets you connect a monitor, with two USB-A ports for peripherals and controllers.

RREAKA Multiport Hub

The Official Dock is Still Your “Safest” Bet

While the docks above appear to be safe since we couldn’t find any reports of consoles failing while using them, the official Switch dock that comes with Nintendo’s console is still the best choice in terms of safety.

Nintendo Switch packaging

When the Switch first launched one of the first portable docks to hit the market was the Nyko portable docking kit. In the months that followed some users reported that the dock had damaged their console beyond repair. One Redditor reported the problem with many commenters chiming in that they too had the same issue.

Warning about the NYKO portable Switch dock from NintendoSwitch

If you’re concerned about console safety, the best solution is to use the official dock with Nintendo’s charger. If you simply want to travel with your Switch and don’t mind using it in handheld mode you can use the charger that came with your console to charge the unit directly (just unplug it from your dock and stick it in the USB-C port).

Haven’t Bought Your Switch Yet?

There are a few different models of Nintendo Switch available including the original with detachable Joy-Con, a portable-only version, and a console with an OLED screen. Learn which Nintendo Switch is right for you.

You’ll also need Nintendo Switch Online to play with friends and access additional retro titles.

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