Sonos email leaks “colorful” plans for the portable Roam speaker

If you’ve been paying attention to the latest Sonos rumors, then you already know about its upcoming “Ray” soundbar and plans to launch a voice assistant that prioritizes speed and privacy. While we wait for official confirmation on those, you can add another rumor to the list: posters on the Sonos subreddit have reason to believe they’ll see new colors of the Sonos Roam speaker revealed this week.

Emails sent to subscribers said “something colorful” is on the way with a countdown. Any doubt about what that something may be was eliminated once posters noticed the URL in the email includes “roamcolors_teaser_owners.”

We’ve seen expanded colors arrive from Sonos with limited-edition releases for the One and Play:1 speakers, however, those also added a bit extra to the price. The Roam has already received a $10 price bump to $179, as Sonos adjusted pricing for its lineup last year and said it was due to supply chain issues.

Assuming the URL wasn’t an incredibly clever misdirection, Sonos customers will find out very soon if they can grab the pocketable (and occasionally mic-less) Roam speaker in colors other than the default black and white.

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