Spotify Finally Fixes Its Stupid Play Button


For whatever reason, the big green “play” button at the top of Spotify playlists is actually a “shuffle” button. That’s why shuffle seems to turn itself on all the time. But Spotify will correct its most frustrating, unintuitive design choice by offering users a new button.

That’s right; Spotify Premium users will soon see dedicated, clearly-marked “play” and “shuffle” options at the top of every playlist and artist profile. Previously, you had to ignore the big green button and select an individual song if you wanted to hear music track-by-track.

Those with a good memory may feel a sense of deja vu. Yeah, Spotify has already been through this before. Late last year, the company added separate “play” and “shuffle” buttons to albums at the request of Adele—why did it take so long for these buttons to reach playlists and artist pages?

While we’re glad to see Spotify take a step in the right direction, this is basic functionality for a music player. Oh, and in case this story wasn’t stupid enough, Spotify hasn’t shared plans to offer these buttons to free users. The company only mentions Premium subscribers in its blog post.

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