Supercharge Your Wi-Fi With This Amazon Eero Pro 6E Mesh Deal


Amazon’s new Eero Pro 6E Wi-Fi mesh system was one of the most affordable kits when it arrived earlier this year, and now it’s available at an all-time low price that you won’t want to miss. While it regularly runs $500, you can grab a 2-pack for 41% off and future-proof your home for only $299.

For those unaware, the Wi-Fi 6E standard employs a new 6GHz wireless channel in your house, increasing wireless speeds, decreasing network congestion, lowering latency, and improving overall bandwidth. Think of it like driving on a highway in the fast lane vs. slow and congested city streets.

Amazon’s Eero Pro Wi-Fi 6e gigabit mesh system is capable of network speeds up to 2.3Gbps and wireless speeds up to 1.3Gbps. While one unit will cover a 2,000 square feet home, this 2-pack can cover up to 4,000 sq. ft of a house with ultra-fast internet. Those with a smart home will love it, too, as it can handle 100+ connected devices simultaneously.

It’s important to note that Amazon uses a tri-band design in the Pro 6E, while most of the competition uses a quad-band. This likely helped the company keep the price down, but it’s still a highly capable 6E mesh router setup.

With the Pro 6e, you’ll get Eero’s patented TrueMesh technology that automatically routes traffic to reduce performance drop-offs and prevent dead spots. Each Pro 6E node features two Ethernet jacks, double as a smart home hub, and setup only takes a few minutes with the Eero app

If you’re looking to supercharge your home Wi-Fi with the latest and greatest technology without breaking the bank, grab this deal from the link below before it ends.

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