Tesla Drivers Discover an Unannounced Swivel Display Upgrade


Tesla could finally be ready to upgrade what many drivers and passengers interact with the most, the in-car infotainment display. New videos have confirmed that Tesla’s upgraded Model S and Model X displays will have a motorized swivel feature.

The change will deliver a better viewing experience in the car for both the driver and a passenger. That’s because the screen can swivel from the center to aim toward the right or the left. It’s a small but beneficial improvement that many fans have been asking for.

While Tesla or CEO Elon Musk hasn’t confirmed the change yet, several reports online have surfaced where drivers have discovered the feature, suggesting that both the Model S and X are getting this option. Here’s a quick look at the new tilt feature.

Lately, Tesla has put a huge emphasis on in-car entertainment, gaming, and more, so it only makes sense that the screen would get more features to allow passengers to take advantage of all those upgrades.

Being able to tilt the screen will certainly offer a better driver-focused experience, but passengers can crank it the other way and be the designated DJ on road trips. And while Tesla recently removed the option to play games or stream movies unless the vehicle is in park, those limitations may get removed once full self-driving is available.

It’s worth noting that this feature hasn’t been officially announced yet, and some users online are speculating that this is a 3rd party modification. However, the leakster and other drivers on Twitter said this was real and came right from the factory with the swivel feature.

Furthermore, the host of a popular Tesla podcast said his sources confirmed that the new Tesla Model S and X vehicles have tilt hardware from the factory. Tesla could enable it with a future software update. Now, we’ll have to wait and see.

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