The Philips Hue Bridge Gains Matter Certification

Philips Hue, CSA

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) now lists Philips Hue Bridge as a Matter-certified product. We expect the Bridge to receive its Matter update within the next few months, likely in December.

Now, Philips Hue and the CSA haven’t formally announced this certification. But as The Verge notes, the Hue Bridge is now listed on the CSA’s Matter certification database. An announcement is probably around the corner, as the CSA and partnering brands are currently hosting a conference in Amsterdam.

“The Hue Bridge will support Matter with a software update, making all existing and new Hue lights and accessories automatically Matter enabled too (except the Hue Sync Box and dial of the Tap dial switch).”

Most Philips Hue accessories will gain Matter compatibility when the Hue Bridge update rolls out. That said, Philips Hue Sync Box and the Tap Dial Switch won’t work with Matter. (The new Hue Dimmer Switch is Matter-ready, though.)

We’re not sure when Philips Hue will roll out the Matter update for its Bridge. That said, Eve just announced Matter certification for a few of its products, and it plans to push a Matter update in December. We assume that Philips Hue will follow a similar timetable.

Source: CSA via The Verge

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