Tossing Your Head Back Might Make Swallowing Pills Harder

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Some people are pros at swallowing pills. Whether it’s their plethora of vitamins or two aspirin, the process comes easy. For some, though, getting pills down can be daunting, and they’re often told to just toss their head back and swallow. But that might just be part of the problem.

You should be leaning forward to take pills, not tossing your head back.

According to Bindiya Gandhi, MD, who spoke with Well+Good when you tilt your head back, your airway opens and your throat can close off. This means swallowing the pill will be harder, not easier. Instead, you should lean your head forward. When you do, the pillows can move to the back of your throat easier, making swallowing easier as well.

Using the method is simple. Place a pill or two in the middle of your tongue. Take a drink of water, lean forward, and swallow. For most people, the method should work, but Gandhi told the outlet you should never attempt to take more than two pills at a time—regardless of the method you use. Taking more than two creates a choking hazard.

If this method doesn’t work for you and swallowing pills remains difficult, Gandhi recommended speaking with your doctor to rule out any issues.

For those who dread taking medication, this bit of advice might just make the process easier.

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