Why You Should Be Cutting Your Pumpkin Upside Down


Fall is in full swing. With Halloween quickly approaching, you might want to get into the holiday spirit by carving a pumpkin. This festive task can be a lot of fun but also messy (and a little gross) with all the pumpkin seeds you need to clean out.

The next time you get ready to carve a pumpkin, cut out the bottom of the gourd to clear the seeds.

You might be used to cutting off the top of the pumpkin to clean it out. It’s much easier to clean the pumpkin upside down. Most seeds are attached to the base, so cutting from the bottom will make this gross task much cleaner and smoother. All that’s needed is a quick scrape inside, and your jack-o-lantern is ready to carve.

Additionally, your pumpkin will actually live longer if you cut it upside down. The stem contains nutrients that help prolong the life of your pumpkin and prevent it from rotting early.

Cutting from the bottom also helps keep the sides from caving in to keep your festive, spooky decoration intact.

Now that you’ve cleaned out the inside of your pumpkin, make sure to have some petroleum jelly on hand to help your jack-o-lantern live a little longer during the spooky season.

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